Join Exodus of the Elder Dragons

In Light of the New Game Slobs YouTube Channel. Coopz has compiled this very exciting Guild Recruitment Video for us!

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Have you ever wished you could have a secret place where you could find a whole range of Wood, Ore, Plants, Cloths and Chests?  – Did you know there IS a place?

Coopz’ Home Instance Contains:

Mining: Raw Candy Corn, Quartz Crystal Formation, Sprocket Generator, Copper Ore, Silver Ore, Gold Ore, Platinum Ore, Mythril Ore, Orichalcum Ore

Lumbering: Kertch Sapling, Mimosa Sapling, Tukawa Sapling, Red Oak SaplingAncient Sapling

Foraging: Herbs, Root Plants, Vegetable Plants, Lotus, Snow Truffle, Ghost PepperOrrian Truffle, Omnomberries

Others: Wintersday Gift Tree, Found Bandit Chest, Krait Obelisk Shard, Basic Cloth Rack

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[GODS] Return…

Zhaitan has been defeated…


And with that, The Guild Exodus of the Elder Dragons [GODS]’s job was complete. No longer was Tyria being harassed by Zhaitan’s Minions. And so we too… disappeared!

Returning to our homes, aiding people around Tyria, appearing in WvW, and PvP… but never staying for long, just long enough to ensure the world was safe from the Elder Dragons.


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Times are Changing…


It’s a sad fact that GODS have seen some hard times since the last post here on the website. However that doesn’t mean that we are not still as strong as ever and We will never see the days that GODS disband.

As we are all aware, as of today (08/12/2013) we are entering the last week of “The purge”. Simply put, this is where we put everyone into a purge rank and once they come online they are taken out of the purge. After the 4-week purge period, anyone still in the purge is obviously an inactive member and so will be kicked from the guild to allow us to recruit new active members, for the good of the guild.

If you are reading this after being kicked from the guild due to the purge, please understand that you are now, and always have been a valued member of our guild and you are ALWAYS welcome to come back!

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Rising to the Top!


Step aside Balthazar, The New GODS are here!

As the title Suggests, Today 26/05/2013 marks the day that our guild stormed into Orr and beat the stuffing out of Bathazar, uncontesting the Temple for the whole server to come along and purchase those all important “Obsidian Shards” used in the recipe “Gift of Mastery” and also used in the Mystic Forges Lucky Gamble for “Mystic Clovers” of which 77 Clover are needed (Though there is a 1 in 3 chance of getting one).

After trying to destroy Balthazar a few times in the past, it became rather clear to us that it was no small task and it would take some co-ordination to complete this heart-pounding event. I haven’t actually felt my heart beating so hard through the tension of GW2 content since I went through Tyria completing all the Jump Puzzles (Nothing worse than getting right to the end then falling to your death and having to start all over again). So this is how we did it… The story is quite intense so, grab a coffee and maybe a tissue to wipe those tears too haha!

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The GODS Reign

AgC676kToday marks the dawn of our guilds official first “April Fools” joke. After a little thought from myself I came up with the idea of the whole guild joining together for a Suicide Jump around the Mystic Forge! Sounds silly right!?

As I strolled along on my merry way first thing this morning on 4th April 2013, I was wandering into the Destroyed Reactor (Meridian Waypoint) to get my daily “Reviver” achievement and I though to myself, “Wouldn’t it be cool if there was an area where a mass of people just dropped dead so I could receive them all to get the achievement really quickly!” Then it hit me, We can!

So I came up with the idea of having a guild party event that I would call “The Gods Reign” but actually it was a play on words… not so much “Reign” as it was “Rain”! So informing the guild we decided that we would all meet at the Vista above the Mystic Forge and go to all the major Cities within the game and shout out that a “Secret Arenanet April Fools” event would be happening in Lions Arch at the Mystic forge in just a few minutes. While I did that, the rest of the guild got into position.

Sure enough within a few minutes the Mystic Forge was buzzing with anticipation of this secret event from players of all levels and races. Dead on 2:30pm (GMT +0) I gave the command “GODS RAIN!!!” And we all jumped from our location and all went “SPLAT” around the Mystic Forge… That got their attention!

Allowing the players around us to Revive us all to help them achieve the Daily Reviver I then Shouted “April Fools” and quickly activated the Guild Banquet and all of our Guild Banners around the Forge… So that I didn’t get a lot of hate messages!

Essentially this event was thought up as a recruitment tool to help us gain a few more members… Before anyone thinks we are a small guild, I’d just like to point out we currently have over 300 members, ALL who represent us permanently and are active players… But it’s always nice to have a few more people to talk to!

The event went on as I said “Anyone who whispers me gets free tonics” and I gladly send tonics out to anyone who whispered me… Well until I was blocked for excessive messaging (Sort it out Anet). People all around activated Halloween Consumables, and Super Adventure Box Consumables. It was fun to see so many people all buzzing around the area, some getting totally legless at the Drink keg, others suiting up and brawling, and the odd passer-by who did a sneaky “Oh free banner boosts” and then went off to take advantage of the boosts they acquired.

Overall we only got a few new members out of it, but you know what, that’s not important really. The gratitude I personally got from players for the event was really rewarding. I thank you all for coming along (even if you didn’t join our guild), and taking part in our event and having a good time. Hopefully I will come up with something new to maybe do something like this again, but for now I hope those of you on other servers can take this event and repeat it. But please keep the name as “The GODS Reign” and credit our guild for the idea. More than that, just enjoy it and help to make GW2 (Which don’t forget is still in it’s first year and still being developed) fun!

~ Coopziana Vekk

A Time Away…


The website has not had an update for quite some time. I just wanted to let you all know that we are still around, in fact we are more active now than ever before. So I thought I’d give you all an update on what the guild has been doing in this time of absence since the website was last updated.

With the arrival of Flame and Frost and the New guild missions we have been working hard to ensure that we organise all the events for our whole guild to enjoy. While getting the highest possible merits for the guild, while replaying so that the whole guild gets the chance to get the Commendations and rewards.

Since this requires an insane amount of co-ordination there have been some pretty big changes to the way we run the guild.

After the first update patch that allowed us start doing guild missions, I felt (as the leader) that it is important to give the guild what they needed, being just one person I felt that I couldn’t co-ordinate everything myself and be active enough to ensure everything was done… Hey I have to eat and sleep too, even if I am a GOD!

So I demoted all my officers and changed the guild ranks, From there I promoted 5 of my most trusted and active members to Command Officers with a little “/surprised” waiting for them.

As I have my own favourites within the guild I felt it wouldn’t be fair to simply select all the Command Officers myself and so I handed over the task of selecting 5 additional Command Officers to the 5 Officers I had selected. /Surprised (Part one).

It took 2-days for the command officers to talk among themselves and select the 5 other members to be promoted. But they got there eventually, then there were 10 command officers. After a few days I realised that I was coming up to an important time in my life where I would have to be away for a whole week and I was worried that without me the guild may fall apart, and so I promoted on of my Command Officers to “Second Command” to manage the guild in my absence.

Once the last slot for Command Officers was taken I then dropped the bomb shell on my newly formed chain of command… /Surprised (Part 2).

“I will not be arranging ANY of the guild missions… YOU will!” Mwahahahahaaa!

And so I paired up each of the Command Officers and gave them each guild mission to take care of, including; Building Upgrades, arranging dates & times and ensuring that the whole guild got a chance to do it… Some may say I’m just being lazy, but lets be fair, I have to play the game too!

As a result of the guild missions now starting to be built we quickly realised that it was extremely difficult to organise using the in-game guild chat alone, So there was only one thing left to do… Get a Mumble server! Thanks to “Command Officer Zelflame” we quickly had a mumble server up and running, with multiple rooms for people to use for dungeons and events. it was amazing to see so many people all logged in for the first guild bounty… It seemed to cut the organisation time in half for us and we were easily successful!

I’ll be working to keep the website up to date from now on with little bits of information rather than (Like this update) a full scale novel. hehe.

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to seeing you all in Game soon!

~ Coopziana Vekk

Ancient Kraka Defeated by the GODS!

Merlin Dragonheart taking a few moments to pose on the corpse of the Ancient Kraka

It took time (oh boy did it take time) to do the finale, 2 and a half hours of time to be exact… some people rage quit, others got disconnected, but the GODS (most of us anyway) percivered ’til the end and boy was it worth it! After 2 events with no rewards, hundreds of krakas with no loot, there was a chest at the end of the rainbow (of colourful language used by everyone during the 3 day event), and boy was it full of gold (rares and exotics, and lots of them). By the end of the event not only was the Ancient Kraka dead, most of the game was too, the TP, the Guild system and even the log in servers all took a hit and are all down as i write this.

One thing this event may have also set out to do is sort out the pricing on the TP, with the massive amounts of low level items being reduced in numbers by those looking to give donations to the troops, and the large number of exotics now released into the system, it has become a sellers market again for low priced items and potentially a buyers market for exotics.

The event is now over, the island and the dungeon are here to stay and there’s a lot of fun to be had with both… so enjoy the rewards if you got them and enjoy the new additions to the game, i know we will :)

– Merlin

First Guild Banquete

Yep, we’ve finally unlocked the Guild Banquete and plan on having our first session on Sunday 18th Nov at 7PM GMT (8PM CET) in Lions Arch beside the Black Lion Trading Company HQ (the TP/AH). The Banquete lasts 1 hour and has a selection of food and alcohol that will be available to all members (possibly everyone around at the time too). Towards the end of the banquet just before the Lost Shores finale kicks in we’ll drop a load of banners giving various boosts so we can all get a bit more out of the first few loot drops of the finale :)

and while we’re on the subject of food dont forget the guild stash is full of the stuff and there’s a lot of boosts available from food so check it out, it will be handy during the event as everyone will be lvl80 (for the finale at least, maybe all 3 events) so all the food in the stash will be useable by all members with bank privilages regardless of their level :)

Leader: Coopziana.1802

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