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Are you looking for a friendly, laid back PvE Based Guild. Free from the bother of 100% representation?
Well then you may be in the right place. But before you make up your mind, take a look at our recruitment video!

So now that’s out of the way, still interested?

If so, then head on over to our “Application Form” and simply put in your Username (Including your 4 digits), read through our rules, click to agree and we will invite you to the guild. It’s as simple as that! No fuss, No prerequisites, No interviews, No Elitism… If you play Guild Wars 2, then you are welcome to join us!

Things you should know:

  • Must represent while in PvE Content (Includes Dungeons).
  • You may represent other guilds while in PvP, Raids or WvW.
  • We are a chatty bunch, please join the conversation.
  • We are “Number 1” when it comes to guild upgrades, you may be asked to donate (if possible)!
  • We run Daily events, we encourage everyone to participate.
  • We are Allied with Defenders of the Ring [HERO] Guild.